Délice Confections

Chocolates and Confections

Dessert Buffets for Every Occasion!

Colorful and delectable bite-sized desserts will add a little something special to your wedding, parties, showers, events, and more!  We love to work with you to create personalized dessert spreads that fit your budget and needs.  We have created three special packages to help you decide what will be best for your occastion

Sweet Roll Package - $5.50/person
         - Best for small parties and gatherings
         - Provides 3-4 pieces per guest
         - Includes our basic treats such as tarts, cupcakes, and cookies, some flavor                options available
         - Delivery available for an extra charge, setup not included
Sweet Tooth Package -  $7.00/person
         - Works with small parties or larger events
         - Provides 3-4 pieces per guest
         - Menu includes more complex and customized treats to match any theme or                color palette.
         - Delivery available for an extra charge, setup not included

Sweetheart Package - $10.00/person, 20% deposit required
         - Best for weddings and large parties over 50 people
         - Custom menu created special for the event
         - Free delivery, setup available for extra charge
         - Includes small cutting cake for bridal party

Contact us at facebook.com/deliceconfections or email info@deliceconfections.com for flavors, color, and theme options and ordering.